Digital scale indicators.
TR-1-NK (se version) Low cost basic scale indicator (AC or 12 vdc power) LCD versions available
Part# 11001

TR-1-NK industrial scale indicator. LED and LCD display versions
Part # 12001

TR-1-NK-4 multi channel inputs to display each scale or total
Part # 13001

Multiple inputs in portable carry case with battery. (shown with optional printer)
Part # 14001

TR-1-NK high visibility model.
View from a distance.  Basic scale indicator with a large (2.2" tall digit) display.
Part # 15001

TR-1-NK-Sunbuster model. Easy viewing outdoor scale indicator with 3" or 6" tall digits made from high intensity LED lights.
Part # 16001

   TR-1-SE  keypad for ID or Setpoint values - scale indicator has wide variety of options.
Part # 17001

TR-1 full function scale indicator has wide variety of options from truck weighing systems to laboratory measurements.
Part # 18001