Model TR-1-NK  mini series scale indicator.

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Full feature digital scale indicator for lowest cost. Made in U.S.A. at our San Diego plant. Easy connection to all strain-gauge load cell scale systems with internal terminal block (no soldering required) keeps connections dry. Complete digital calibration with full range push button zero and tare. Display modes for display of NET weight or GROSS weight.  Motion detection and automatic zero maintenance. Printer & continuous data output, and optional 4-20 ma analog output is available.  Optional check-weigh lights for over or under weight range and other options are available.
The printer output can operate the Epson TM295 Printer or Zebra label printer.

  Part # & Manual   
 TR-1-NK-SE 11001  Digital Scale Indicator
Power   12 volt DC with 120 volt AC adapter supplied
Enclosure   Water resistant sealed polycarbonate
with stainless steel tilt bracket for wall or desk
Display   High brightness LED - 6digits .56" tall
Load Cell power   5 volt dc able to power 4 ea. 350 ohm cells
Temperature   0-40c operating range
Resolution   1 part in 60,000 internal
Accuracy   0.01% of full scale
Linearity   0.01% of full scale
Input   0 to 3 millivolts per volt
Output   Serial printer data or continuous computer data
NTEP coc   91-077
Option 11008 Over and Under check weighing lights
Option 11005 Slave remote display unit
Option 11002 Peak weight hold
Option 11003 4 to 20 milliamp output for PLC interface
Option 11004 Time and Date for  printer interface
Option 11006 Single ingredient batch control with relay & start button
Option 11009 Net weight totalization
Option  11007 Setpoint with single DC  or AC solid state relay
Option 11011 RS232 interface for UPS world ship software
Option 11012 Panel mount kit with Stainless flush mount bezel
Option 11013 Automatic print when stable
Option 11010 Computer request data interface
Option 11014 6 c-cell battery pack or rechargeable battery

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