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Model AX series portable scales for truck weighing and heavy capacity containers

52002   Printable brochure  AX-12 weigh pad  -  12  by 12 inch top 52003   Printable brochure  AX-24  double wide pad 52001 Basic portable display unit 53001 Multiple channel display unit
All Aluminum wheel pads can weigh up to 20,000 lb each - Outer wheel lifts inner wheel Portable unit displays total of weight on all pads - can add up axle weights Portable unit can display 3 separate axles and total, uses 6 pads - Shown with optional printer


  Part # & Manual   
Basic AX indicator 52001  Wheel and Axle scale display unit
Multiple Channel indicator  53001  
Power   12 volt DC (internal battery)with AC charger/adapter
Enclosures   High impact sealed case with handle
Display   High contrast LCD - 6digits .7" tall
Temperature   0-40c operating range
Resolution   1 part in 40,000 internal
Accuracy   +- 1% 
Output   Serial printer data output 

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