Model TR-1 Accubatch Systems

Sample of Concrete Batching system with formulas 51001a Sample of Rail-car loading system 51001b Sample of general filling system 51001c

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Automatic control of valves for filling and/or discharging weigh hopper or vessel.  Systems are configured precisely for the applications requirements.  Specify only the features needed for the batching operation.  

  Part # & Manual   
 Accubatch System 51001a  Digital Scale Control System
Power   120 volt AC (other voltages available)
Enclosures   NEMA Rated enclosure painted steel
options for NEMA4X  stainless steel and  fiberglass
Display   High brightness LED - 6digits .56" tall
Temperature   0-40c operating range
Resolution   1 part in 40,000 internal
Accuracy   +-1/10 of 1% 
Output   Serial printer data and continuous computer data
Option 51002 Each active relay output
Option 51003 Each large oil-tight push button
Option 51004 Printer share for dual scale applications
Option 51005 99 Formula memory with selector thumbwheel

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