Model RM-1/2 universal remote display

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Small remote display unit with Auto-Learn feature for easy installation with any scale indicator with data output

  Part # & Manual   Description
RM-1/2 22001 Industrial version remote display
Power   120 volt line cord supplied (12 volt optional)
Enclosure   Heavy duty steel.  Powder coated black finish.
Tilt bracket for wall or desk 
Options for NEMA4 and 4x enclosures
Display   High brightness LED - 6digits .56" tall
.75" LCD available
Temperature   0-40c operating range
Input   RS232 or 20 ma current loop
Option 22002 RS422 input
Option 22003 Nema 4X fiberglass enclosure for harsh enviornments
Option 22004 Nema steel enclosure
Option 22005 LCD display for bright sun viewing

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