Model RM-SE  mini series remote display

  Shown with non operable push buttons.
The RM-SE is a slave remote that is fixed for specific scale indicators. Units are available for all major scale indicators.

  Part # & Manual   
 RM-SE 21001  Digital remote display
Power   120 volt AC 
Enclosure   Water resistant sealed polycarbonate
with stainless steel tilt bracket for wall or desk
Display   High brightness LED - 6digits .56" tall
Temperature   0-40c operating range
Input   RS-232 at specific baud rate and data format
Option 21002 Toledo input format
Option 21003 Fairbanks input format
Option 21004 Weightronix input format
Option 21005  
Option 21013 Rechargeable battery pack
Option 21014 6 c-cell battery pack

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